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Silver Glitter Burst Finish

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I am just about to start my project Les Paul, and want the same finish as my idol Justin Hawkins'. I saw him play last night and his guitar looked amazing.

here's him and his guitar


How can I get that finish? i was thinking along the lines of cover the whole guitar in silver metalic and aply a black burst round the side, would that work?

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Yes, that's the basic program, apply the silver first, then black the sides.

But to get flake like that, you're into some special equipment to shoot it, and very pricey containers of product (House Of Kolors)

So to do just one would probably be very very expensive, and you'd already have to understand how to shoot finishes and have the proper equipment to shoot and the proper protective clothing.

Do a search on Gibson Silverbursts, from the mid-80's. Now those silverbursts you could do yourself by buying silver metallic powder, those aren't as high-flake content as your picture, so obviously they don't sparkle quite like that one does either, but even doing that is dangerous if you have no experience, if you aren't properly protected, it settles in your lungs and very bad things happen 15 years later if you don't know how to protect yourself.

As in Dead. Funerals. Hearses. Goin' Up To The Spirit In The Sky stuff. :DB):D

You'd probably be better off having a pro do it for you for a finish like that.

Nice guitar tho, I like it. :D

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