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Not Another Vine Question!?


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i want to get a vine of life inlay done, but the general price for it is way out of my budget ($300+) so i was wondering if anybody makes any kits for the ibanez vine of life? i mean just the shells cut to the shape that i need, so all i have to do is route out my fretboard, glue em in and radius the board, thanks.

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not a problem rhoads, im looking into all my options right now, but im pretty sure you will be hearing from me pretty soon.

a local luthier quoted me at 395.00 for ablam and synthetic pearl

rhoads quoted me for approx. 310.00 minus shipping

jeremy's website says the same thing as rhoads

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Guest AlexVDL

Find someone with a lasercutter... it can be cheap!! I mean DIRTCHEAP!!

Hint: search ebay for people who offer precut inlays.. maybe they own a lasercutter B)

Prices can be waaaay below 100 bucks :D

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Try DePaule supply: vine inlay page. Craig Lavin is a featured artist in the gallery too. Craigs's work rocks!

Wow, that must be brand new, I was just on that page a couple weeks ago and it wasn't there, for those prices, I won't be cutting my own shell vines for ibanez style ones anymore, you pay close to that for the shell blanks alone :D

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