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I have some old chessnut boards that we found renovating our old 1743 house, i was wondering if anyones had any expirience with it as a tone wood.. whats it like.. i dont really know how to tell. I figured since its been resting on rafters since well.. the 1740's with no use at all, itd be nice and aged, if that even matters.

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American Chestnut was a very popular wood... until "the blight" hit the US.

The trees were very straight and wide, and they were very abundant, making them excellent for lumber. It was a relatively dense wood, and so it was fairly heavy.

Since I'm just wrapping up my first project guitar, I don't have any experience with Chestnut as a tone wood, but I have worked with a piece that I salvaged from an 200 year old barn timber. (The barn was collapsing and most of the wood was trash.)

The piece I have was easier to work than Oak, but harder than Ash.


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yeah chestnut*

i know it was a popular wood haha my room has 4"x6" chestnut rafters going across it, but ive never seen a guitar made of it, but it could be just because its not widely avalible and isnt that amazing

but if its dense doesnt that mean it will be a good tone wood? or is that not important

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