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Body Contours


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Okay, so this morning i went over to my uncles workshop and we cut out the basic shape of my soon to be guitar, an Ibanez jem. We used an oscilating sander to sand down the ruff edges and all. Now im going to start work on the contours of the guitar( the tummy cut and arm rest) unfortunately, i dont have acces to my uncles shop cause he has other work to do so i have to do everything from home.

The tools i have to work with are a spokeshave, rasps, and sandpaper :D

I would really appreciate any insight on how to carve the contours that you guys can provide me with. Right now i havent the slightes clue how to start. I have the countour lines and everything though... thanks

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If you have a vise or good clamping surface, you could use the spokeshave to create your arm flat SLOWLY. Don't know the wood you got but be careful not to get into one of those progressively-deeper grain splinters. If you can see the grain angle from the side, try to start your draw from the low side so your tool does tend to dive deeper into the wood. Did I mention going slow? Files and rasps are better if you don't have a plane. The belly pan just needs rasped. Is that a word? Rasped. Rasped. Rasped. I guess it is now! Too early. Must Have Coffee!

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