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Trans Black Telecaster


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Hey heres my telecaster :




and heres what its going to look like:


Trans Black, flame maple top.

I already have the maple veneer all i need is some info on trans black stain, whats the best way to do it? also around the edges how do i fill the small gaps where the veneer ends?

and what do you think of the design?


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Go to stewmac.com under finishes and look for the stains. You can find there anything that you will need for your finish, I was going to say to use duplicolor metalcast but they don't have it on black, another thing that you can use is a product called night shades, http://www.vhtpaint.com/nightshades.htm I ahve use this to darken the tail lights on vehicles and is like the metalcast, a transparent black paint.

I got this one too link that I bought while in Germany. And here you can see the result of the paint in the tail lights on my old SUV http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v195/Maiden69/DSC00878.jpg . the more coats the darker it gets,

You may ask why I'm giving you paints instead of stains. Well in my little experience with veneers I have found out that they are a pain in th eneck to stain! Too much liquid and it seems to raise and you have to steam it in place again, also it's so thin that you may get an uneven stain job. I found a lot easier to just seal the veneer under some grain filler or sanding sealer, and then paint the transparent color over it.

One thing that I haven't done yet is to try and wipe a almost damp cloth with black wash (stain) just to get some black only in the grain, (like a wipe on wipe off thing) and then seal it and paint the top. I will try this in the next few weeks and post it to see how it goes.

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hey guys, im glad you like it the way it is but i messed up when i was painting that and im not happy with it being white, and i i prefer the trans black look,

thanks for that Info Maiden, im going to have a look to see if i can find that paint, anyone in the UK know where id be able to find it?

and i used that kisekae thing for the design! :D

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and what do you think of the design?

This is a Fender Telecaster or a knockoff?

I'm not so sure I see the point in modifying a real Fender, unless you're going for a different body shape altogether (see my Bocaster project...I'm looking to keep the Tele sound, but put it in a different body shape).

What about keeping the neck and making a new body with the maple cap?

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You did the white finish? Looks pretty good...

I like the trans black idea, but not the pearloid guard so much...how about an ivory-colored guard, with matching binding?

yeah, the perloid pick guard maybe abit too flashy, and i really wanted to do binding but i dont have the skill or tools so i didnt really want to try just yet :D

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Lee, you should be able to get it there at ATU or atleast I think thta was the name of the store in Germany, I was told it is a chain so they might be in the UK too, and the instructions are in english from England (at least it's your flag the one in the can)the product web site is www.colordynamics.de and is made in Germany.

And here is the pic I told you about the guitar, I'm using duplicolor metalcast, if you find this people over at GB, they have red, blue and black paint, I think its nitro or other type of laquer because I try it with the duplicolor paint and they don't match, I have to try once the black one is dried for about 5 days to see if there is any reaction.


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