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Santa Comes Early To Texas


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the drummer from my last band stopped by today and said that he'd heard i was trying to learn about tube amps and such. he brought in a large, heavy box and said, "here, these might help'. inside were the following:

a micronta transistor tester that's old but never used.

a heathkit fet/transitor tester

a heathkit vacuumtube voltmeter

a bell and howell digital multi-meter

a bell and howell electro-lab design console with signal generator

and all of the instruction manuals....

he used to be a tech and hadn't used them for years and wanted me to have them...is this a great world or what?

so if any of you have a spare oscilloscope laying around you need to get out of the way let me know...hell, i'll even pay the postage. :D

edited to say: this is amazing! i just opened the vtvm to check the two tubes that are in it. the first thing that i noticed was that the intire inside looks absolutely brand new. but the amazing thing is that there's an eveready "c" cell 1.5v battery inside it. i took it out and i swear it still reads 1.48v. i know for a fact that it's been in my buddy's attic for at least 8 years. there's a commercial there somewhere.

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SWEET SCORE!! That VTVM is to die for! I never knew Bell & Howell made a digital meter. Huh. Probly got a scope for you if you don't mind later vintage, over-built HOT. I never turned mine back into the Air Force. Dual-trace in a presurizable flight case. Thats our tax dollars at work for you!

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Your drummer live in a pyrimid by chance...my bats come half flat new, I swear! B)

I suppose you know this one since you brought up the D word...

Q. Did you here about the guitarist who locked his keys in the car?

A. It took him two hours to get the drummer out! :D

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psw..i never make drummer jokes..well except for the one about how you can tell the stage is level when the drummer is drooling out of both sides of his mouth...but i almost never made jokes about drummers..but don't get me started on banjo players. :D

hey doc..i didn't get the lead/probe with the VTVM. it has a single 1/4" phone jack so i plugged in a cord that i'd put a couple of alligator clips on to test pups and it works great. the digital multi-meter works perfectly. haven't gotten around to trying the transistor testers yet but i imagine they work as well.

i'll trade you a tube driven t.v. allignment generator for your oscilloscope. B)

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I'll trade you the scope for the TV crap if you keep the TV crap. This homey don't do TV. Ever. Ever, ever. I.ll look for a set of 1/4" HV test leads at the old shop cause I don't want you using your agligators (sic) on tube amps. Got no reason to hate you, yet.

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lol..i was actually going to make myself a set of test leads..i was just using the alligator clips to see if it worked.

if you're serious about the oscilloscope e-mail me. i'd be glad to buy it from you.

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