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Floyd Rose Trems

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Hi all,

Well it's been a while but I'm starting plans for my next custom build. I'd really like to put a locking trem on it, ideally a Floyd Rose, but it's confusing as there are so many types and manufacturers.

My question is - is it worth getting an "original" 80s Floyd Rose from Ebay, or a Floyd Rose II, or would it be more adviseable to get one of the new ones manufactured by another company?

Alternatively, are there any other locking trem systems that kick the FR's ass?

Any experience any of you have of the above would be greatly appreciated.

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Well dude, it depends on how much you use your floyd etc...Ive used Jacksons FRII, Kramer FRII and Jacksons FRII JT 500 which is Jacksons version of the Ibanez Low Recessed bridge...I like them all never had a problem with any...ofcoarse JT500 is for serious dives and pulls! is just a matter of taste I think.. :D

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Well, I tend to use it pretty extensively - at the moment I've got a Wilkinson and it's awesome, so sensitive you know. I use it for dives, trills, the whole shebang but it would be good to have something that I can really abuse and it will stay in tune.

Also, the less often I have to tune up on stage between songs the better.

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I've had OFRs, Jackson/Schaller JT590, JT580 of 2 types, Ibanez Edge and LoPro Edge, and TRS2. As well as a few cheap knockoffs.

If you want to REALLY whammy, get a real Floyd that locks at the nut, a Schaller copy (or used Jackson JT590) or an Ibanez Edge. These are, IMO, the best there are. The Lo Profile versions vs. regular is a personal choice. All feel a bit different, but all return to pitch very well. I vacillate between the OFR and the Edge as my favorite, but I prefer the NON-lo profile versions.

If you only occasionally whammy, get a Wilkinson with Sperzel or other locking tuners and a graphite nut.

DON'T buy a cheap floyd copy. It'll be fine for a while, but then the softer metal at the knife edge will wear down and it won't return to pitch.

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Oh and don't get the Floyd Rose 2... cheap piece of metal that in the end does not resonate very well... pity really as it is still made fairly well.

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