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Teisco/woodson Guitar


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Does anyone know what kind of a wireing schematic this guitar would take? I've seen teiscos make it, and this is a woodson (could they both be the same?) Anyways, here's the link.

teisco/woodson guitar

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whoa...lotta knobs, couple switches.

what does each thing do? if no one has a diagram, i'm sure with that info, we'd be able to mock something up that would work the way it's supposed to.

my guess is the sliders are on-off switches for each pup, then perhaps four volumes and two tones? that's a toughy to figure out, so if you could just let us know which knobs do what, it'd be easier for the more powerful masters of electricity on the forum to help out.

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I agree with Dan - four pickups, four on-off switches, four volumes and master tone control. Gotta love that "engraved" pickguard! :D

<edit> B) D'oh! If you blow up the close-up picture of the controls, you can easily read the labels on the knobs! 4 volumes and 1 tone.

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I want to make a guitar like that. 4 pickups, 4 on off switches, 4 tones and 4 volumes haha. Maybe i'll add all those switches and knobs like they have on those bc riches - could i have a world record than on my hand for most controls on a guitar? haha.

-Jamie :D

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