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Using Gold Leaf

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Hi guys I have a Jem I'm finishing at the moment which I want to finish in a Gold Leaf. Ontop of which I'm obviously planning the usual clear coats... my question is has anyone used Gold Leaf before? Are there any real things I need to look out for when lets say covering the heels? Or even spraying the clear? I'm worried that it may for some reason discolour when I spray the clear ( I'm paranoid ). So if anyone knows or has experience with this please get in touch.

Also I want to do a gold vine throughout the neck. I've got it all routed but obviously cant afford to use real gold!! ( Hey I'm married :D ) So I was thinking of either using Brians tut re the pyramid method using clear acrylic? Or maybe brass? Again any suggestions would be cool! Thanks guys and I'll post pics of the Gold Leafing for a possible futre tut if anyones interested!



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of the people ive seen shoot over gold and silver leaf, the clear wasnt their problems, its just really difficult to work with, really delicate and hard to adhere.

dont know if that helps much but it may be a bit more assuring. i dont know why it would discolor the actual gold leaf, dont think thats possible.


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Thanks asm. I have used gold leaf on furniture making before and some varnishes made it turn a greeny bleach colour! I know its ambitious doing a whole guitar but i think it will look great if done right. My stress really comes from smothing over the clear coats and not taking too much off or disturbing the gold leaf!

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