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Which Tom Is Best?

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Well from my own experience the roller saddles are just a beeeze to deal with and sound a bit better than the regular ones youd find on a special 2. I hope someone responds to this with a better response. Did you find that website cause the ferrule post? :D. Just kidding, hope you'll make a good decision

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I haven't used the ones on G Jones, but they look pretty good. I have seen a few guitars with the rollers one, especialy with nuts but I haven't played them, so I got no feed back on them, I think is more of a taste and type of music you play, I think that if you do a lot of crazy bends the roller will help on the string going back to tune after you release it, for what I play, I see no point in getting one so either choice will be good, and they are the ones with post mount instead of the screw one, I find this a must for mines, I think they look and feel more stable.

Let me know if you go with the roller and how good the construction is and the tune ability of it.

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