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Grain Filler


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Hi all. New to the board and I have to say you guys are great and incredibly helpful. I have learned so much already. Anyway, here is my question. I did some searches , but I could not find the exact answer I needed. What I would like to know is in reference to filling the grain on a body prior to painting. I understand you need to do this, and since I work in the automotive industry I am familiar with body fillers, so I have decided to go this route. LGM recommends using a product called "Thin Ice". Am I correct to assume that this works for grain filling?

1) Apply very thin then sand down?

2) Is Thin Ice a "glazing putty"?

3) Will this work to properly fill the grain prior to priming? <---most important.

4) If so, where can I buy Thin Ice?

5) B)

Thank you

Frank :D

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