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Hey Guys,

So... for me, the hardest part about building my Tele has been setting the neck in the pocket, and making sure it is straight... after a lot of trial and error... most due to NOT USING TEMPLATES, I got the neck in straight and screwed it in. I then set the bridge using 25 1/2" scale. OK... so I stick a string through the bridge on the High E side and NO problem... it runs up the neck perfectly straight. THEN, I stick one in the Low E side... BIG PROBLEM. So, it looks like from about the 15th fret down to the end of the board, I am about 1-2/16ths of an inch too narrow. This happened because I ended up having to sand the neck down to fit it into the pocket and sanded off too much. There is a little gap between the neck and the wall of the pocket.

From the 15th fret up to the nut, the string lines up fine. So this is what I think I am going to do, unless that is, you guys could give me a better suggestion... I have a bit of ebony binding lying around. I am going to fashon a shim and glue it to the side of the fretboard where it is lacking. I am then also going to do the same for the maple. Then, I will have to recut the fret slots eventually so that the new wood will be slotted. HOW DOES THIS SOUND? I don't want to scrap another neck!


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