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Floyd Rose And D Tuna Q's

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Well im about to purchase a OFR from edroman and the d tuna started to get my atttention. Did a little research and found out that I would have to stabilize my trem with a trem setter.

Now that got me thinking. I play alot of wild stuff with my trem (think of the things vai does with his) and I was wondering if the trem setter makes the trem do anything differnt? Will it still pop quickly back into pitch, can it still flutter, and are there any downsizes to having a trem setter? oh and would this work when tuned in D then down tuning to C? Thanks alot.

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Hello and welcome,

I have a Floyd Rose II with a D-TUNA, my experience:

Ok I have NEVER used it in almost 2 years, why, I use the bar a LOT! with the D-TUNA the guitar tends to detune unless you block the trem...and I dont want to block it ya know...flubbers, pulls, dives...etc..(all that fun stuff! :D ), so yes you will have to block your trem if you decide to purshase it...if you are like me and dont want to block it... dont use it, unless you want to have tuning problems...I dont really play 6th down to D or C, I wanted just to try...the D-TUNE would be real good for a non-trem guitar, my 2 cents man, hope this helped.


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With so many REPUTABLE & DECENT OFR dealers out there, why on Earth would you buy one from ER?

Save yourself the pain, my friend.

Here: http://www.dreamlandguitars.com/

Pick one up from a PG.com Forum member.

The D-Tuna can be cool, but really only works on dive-only trems (or those equipped with a Tremol-No).

If you can, go to a local music store and play a Peavey Wolfgang. They come from the factory with D-Tuna's installed on them. Play around with it. See if it's what you're looking for.

The TremSetter will pretty much kill off all your flutter. In the ones I've played, there's also a detent (notch) at the zero point. To me, that equates to unsmooth trem movements...like a big 'ka-bonk' in the middle of a trem move.

The TremSetter will not help you with drop tuning.

Drop tuning on a floating trem is difficult, but not impossible. It's a pain to reset the claw spring for each tuning, but it's necessary (until the Tremol-No comes out).

If you have any other trem questions, let me know.

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