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Best Shredders


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paul gilbert!!!!!!!

george bellas

tony macalpine

jason becker

john petrucci

paul gilbert (AGAIN :D)

michael angelo

joe stump

rusty cooley



michael romeo

marty friedman

shawn lane

theres a few to chew on! some better than others.


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The ones I'm obligated to say:

Yngwie Malmsteen

Steve Vai

Eddie van Halen

Joe Satriani


Little known guys:

Jun Senoue

Raxel van Schred (friend of mine in London... Craziest Indian shredder you ever heard. His alter ego is Parminder Gill, and funnily enough has a tame day job and all.)

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I recently just discovered Rusty Cooley.

A guy I played a show with told me about him.

I then checked his site out and was completely blown away.

Thats what gave me the idea of starting this thread.

I was kinda bored of always playing the same old yngwie, steve and satch you know?

By the way, Paul gilbert is amazing!


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Frank Gambale

Brett Garsed

Scott Henderson

I wouldn't call any of them shredders. Great players but not shredders.

My little bro has recorded releases with all the above. :D

I guess your definition of shredding is not the same as mine or just about anyone else who's into fusion.

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I also second Randy Rhoads (check out the solo in I Dont Know, not overly hard, but sweet tapping lick

Nuno bettencourt, check out these songs:

Little Jack Horny


He man Woman Hater

(yea, they sound really bad! LOL)

Anyways, good luck, and post some tunes :D


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