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Best Knock-off Pickups Ya Heard...

Wasabi J

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Hey... Just wanted to ask you all.

I'm a rock-shred-classic kinda player and an EMG fan, and I wanted to know if you all had any good knock-off pickups you like. I don't core to buy or trade or anything right now, I'm just curious to hear if anyone's got a little back of the shelf cheap crap that gets over looked.

For instance, I got this Abilene ALK35DOS from a hock shop, with a blemish in the finish on the tail end, a bit of grime on the chrome, but other than that, in great shape. I was trying to find something that I could make a "wall-hanger" out of, but it turns out, it had these great no-namer pickups in it. The tone from em was really clean, and there was virtually NO hiss... I mean I had to turn up my amp to 11 to get some. The sound was akin to a nice Strat sound, it having a S-S-H setup and all. Best thing was, I found this good guitar for little under $80. Found out, later, brand new, the guitar was $135. I still say it was the greatest money I spent on a guitar, for those pickups alone.

Anyhoo... tell me if you found any good stuff like that.

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"Knock-off" as in no namers... non big-time ones. Like, not Fender, Seymour Duncan, EMG, etc. I'm trying to look to see if there are some economical replacements to some electronic experiments I plan to conduct.

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My Washburn I have had these Samshin humbuckers in it, great sounding pickups. I play through a Fender Original "65 Twin Reverb 2X12 and it sounds great. Not much of a hiss but has a great bluesy/southern/classic rock tone to them. (If that sounds right lol) Bridge had 4 conductor wires and neck had 2 conductor wires. I couldn't find a wiring diagram for them at all, and no other pickup I have seen has the same color code as these pickups so I played hit or miss and now have the bridge set up the way I wanted it but it took a couple hours to figure it out. Hope that helps some :D

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Couple days ago i bought a brand new pickup off ebay to go in my Pacifica 512 neck position. It's a Puretone, humbucker size of single coil pickup. SOunds pretty good, now i have HSH..

Through my MG30 with this pickup the intro to to Sweet Child sounds great!, Thats the sorta sound you get with it.

It cost AU$20!! So, wats that like US$16. I say great value for money.


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