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Stereo Jacks


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first of all, what application will this have? are you planning on something like the "ric-o-sound" wiring?

if so, they use a stereo and a mono jack. the mono is just a standard output, while the stereo is the "ric-o-sound" jack, used to send each pickup to different amps, or to different channels on a stereo amp for the craziness that could ensue.

if you're just planning on sending it to two different amps, do that.

the problem is, if you ever wanted to use just one amp, you'd need a stereo to mono cable, otherwise one of your leads (the ring) will just be connected back to ground or not used at all. the way to get around this would be to wire up a separate mono jack (like ricenbackers *sp*) and use that for your "mono-amp" situations.

to do anything with just one output, you're gonna have to talk to some of the higher-ups of the electrical world on this board. the only thing i ever use them for are ric repairs and stomp boxes.

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Hi, is there someone who could explain to me how to wire a guitar for stereo sound! do i need 1 stereo jack only?? 2 mono?? 1 stereo and 1 mono??

How do i wire them??

if you can inclue a diagram, it would be easyer to me :D

many thanks


What is it you are trying to achieve? A normal guitar is a MONO sound source.

Lets say you just plugged your guitar into 2 amps, that will still be mono sound, but through 2 speakers. The only way I can think of to get stereo sound would be to use an effects pedal/amp with stereo effects like stereo reverb etc.


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Geddy Lee (Rush) ran his Rickenbacker 4001 bass in stereo with his neck pickup going to an Ampeg and bridge pickup to a Sunn 2000S amp. But I'm not sure if the bass was modded with some extra switching in order to do this or if that is how the stereo system in those guitars was supposed to work. If the latter then I assume a special splitter box or cable is required to direct each pickup signal to the separate amps.

Anyway, if you want some answers its best to go to the source...Rickenbacker. I haven't heard of anyone else marketing stereo guitars and basses, aside from Vox who made Rick copies. :D


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First, thanks for all answers!!!! B)

I heard about stereo guitars (like bb king lucille, i think) and start looking, and i saw wiring diagrams for a stereo jack, a mosrite stereo 350 with 2 jacks (don´t know if it is 2 monos or 1 mono and 1 stereo) and later the rickenbacker!! so I got a little bite confiused! I´m building one guitar and i´m thinking in putting the in stereo way, but i don´t know if i should drill 2 holes or 1 :D

But imagine that i can wire it stereo with 1 stereo jack and it work normaly, would it work also with the mono cable, amp....???

You may be thinking "this guy don´t know what he want´s", but what i´m really looking for is for the guitar work in both ways. IF POSSIBLE, of course!! :D


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Whoa... ok. Whoo!

Alright... It IS possible, and VERY SIMPLE, if you're doing what I think you want. It's really all up to you.

For as few cables as possible...

Use a stereo jack, plain and simple.

What will happen is if you use this thing with a mono cable, regardless if you splice the cable and send the signal 50 ways, it will still be mono. If you use a stereo cable, it will have the signal split. This is all a hardware issue.

Inside a stereo jack, you have two little clips that "click" onto notch on the plug. When you push a mono plug all the way in, it will cross both signals (I call 'em hot one, and hot two) and create a mono signal with both signals going through the same channel. In a stereo plug, the signals are kept seperate, and are picked up by a similar plug on the other end of the cable. I could on and on about the different ways they could go, but look at this little thing I found to help...


This could explain a lot, in very little time... I hope that helps.

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...(I) imagine that i can wire it stereo with 1 stereo jack and it work normaly, would it work also with the mono cable, amp....???

A stereo output will not work normally with a mono cord (you'll only get one "channel"), but you could add a SPDT mini-toggle to switch the ring terminal signal to the tip terminal, and you would have a dual-mode mono/stereo output.


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Shoot... you're right... my bad... forgot it won't add the signals on mono.

Sorry about that!

That toggle switch idea is killer!! It's so sweet, I shoulda come up with it!! XD Good job, lovekraft!

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hi, again!!

Sorry to insist, but, in the wiring diagram that lovekraft posted, the pickups are linked to output seperatly (stereo), so for volume it must be 2 vol pots, one for bridge and other for neck!! or it can work with 1 master volume pot, like this it won´t link both pickups before he reaches the stereo output???

my regards, and sorry for all questions :D


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To make it look a little cleaner, you could use a pot that's piggybacked with a push/pull switch; with the pot pushed in, you have each pickup going to seperate pots... but with the switch pull out, both pickups go through that pot.

You can use 1 stereo output jack, but you should wire the above-mentioned pot to the "tip" position of the jack, in case you want to plug in a mono cable.

To me, it would be "trick" to run the stereo cable to a home-grown foot pedal. From there, you could split the "stereo" feed down to two mono feeds. You could also have the foot-switch invert the phase on one/both... or do something else that would you like.


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Thanks lovekraft, I was looking to find a way to put less switches in the guitar, and after my post I was thinking and acurred to me in dual stacked pots!! it will work ok!

Also the idea of Dugz Ink in puting a pot that's piggybacked with a push/pull switch, is cool (thanks)! :D

Hey, Dugz Ink, nice "trick"!!!

many thanks to you all (maybe soon I will be here again asking new questions B) )


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