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2 New Quilted Pieces. Eye Candy?

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Everybody's got wood, it's a good day in guitarland!


I wasn't really looking for these two, but the price and the quality seemed to be worth grabbing it 'just because'. It's nice, because since I'm just bulding for myself, I don't have to worry about a blemish or two freaking a customer out...I AM the customer, and they don't bother me at all. :D

PS, my $1000.00 shipment of -completely secret OMG- wood should be here in a few days.

But I can say -no- more about that. Heck, I didn't even say that! B)

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Since we're showing off our wood....these are from Gallery Hardwoods. I bought 2 identical neck blanks for neck through basses. European flamed maple/black walnut laminates. I need to glue them up yet once I have time and I recover from my appendectomy a little more.....sorry if this is a hijack Drak, just thought I'd chime in.


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I guess I'll chime in too, then!


That's a flame maple knife handle blank I sent off to billmurray, but it comes from a board about 5 feet long and a foot wide, plus a fretboard or two I've already cut out of the main board.

It's gonna be a neck laminate and fretboard on my next bass.

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Sorry dude, you are disqualified. No knives allowed in this fight.

Drak, i still have the Master Quilt . Bring out your big guns, cause it will happily blow you away. Just remember what happened when Litch tried to showboat his AMAZING quilted maple. Prepare to be "schooled". :D

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Although I do not doubt for a second your Maple is Uber-Spectacular, the secret shipment (shhhh) is wood from another world, another time, another dimension.

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor, for we control the vertical, we control the horizontal, we control the axis, we is Bold As Love (just ask the Axis)... B):D:D:D:D

Then again, I can say -nothing- of the secret shipment (shhhh), except to say there's no Maple in it at all, Maple being a wood of this earth, of this time, of this space.

But I would surely love to see your Maple. I do have a really super sweet piece of Maple I'll throw in the ring tho. I'll post some pics later on.

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