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Les Paul Custom Binding

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Do they just bind the fretboard and headstock at the same time?? So, they like install the fretboard without binding, then bind it and the headstock? I'm kinda confused. Cause I'd like to do a binded headstock.

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Hi man,

No, the binding is different. The binding on the fingerboard/neck is white, and the rest is black/cream ply- 2 different types of binding. I believe the back of the guitar is 5 play, and the front is 7 (I could be wrong on the number of plys, but the front and back use different laminates of ply)

Hope thats a help,


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Bind the headstock, so that the binding extends a little way onto the neck. See this pic from David Myka's site:


Bind the fretboard before attaching it to the neck, and glue it on. You'll have a small line where the fretboard and headstock binding meet, but if you keep all your surfaces and joints clean it'll be pretty inconspicuous.

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