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Ibanez Tremelo

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First of all, let me say I know this is a very lame question cause I don't have all the details. Sorry.

I'm looking at buying a used Ibanez EX series. I don't know what year or model, but it has the large Ibanez logo with the check and the small EX logo. It has a mahogany body with a translucent cherry finish, H-S-H, white pickguard, maple neck (24 fret), a 5 way switch, and a push pull tone pot for coil splitting. My question is about the tremelo. I've owned a ton of Ibanez guitars through the years, but have never seen one with a tremelo like this. It is just a basic nonlocking tremelo with 2 pivot points. It looks identical to the Hipshot bridge in the following link, but it looks original on the guitar. The recess behind it is routed to the same shape as the bridge and the finish matches perfect. Did Ibanez use a tremelo like this? I've seen the Floyds, Edge, and the trems used on the older Roadstars and such, but never one like this.


I only got to look at the guitar for a few minutes on my lunch break and will look at it again tomorrow so any help would be cool. I just want it so I can make a template, and then I will turn it into a Jem.... just cause I've always wanted one. :D

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Guest AlexVDL

Don't buy an EX series Ibanez... please look around more to see if you can find an RG korean or japanese. They're always better than the EX series. I never knew why Ibanez actually ever brought the EX.. in my eyes they were the ugliest looking and worst playing ibanez guitars ever. The floyd rose models had a very bad tremolo which was as soft as butter B)

Also the RG has the same body contour as the Jem.

But this is my own opinion from my won experiences with the EX. I could have see the worst ones and never touched the actually good ones, but after playing 4 or 5 models which sucked I never tried to touch another one hehehe :D

EDIT: I think you could be talking about the RX model here...

1994 RX models

that's the only one I could find with a mahogany body, translucent cherry, white guard and a tremolo almost like the one you pictured. Actually these guitars are not bad... not bad at all. With some minor mods like new pups you could make it a real bad ass shredder. But it has a straight headstock, and a jem has an angled one. You could make it something like this vai's strat jem

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Did I type EX? :D I swear this keyboard has a mind of its own.

Anywho... Its an RX exactly like the one you posted the link to. Thank you.

I know the EX guitars were basically crap. And I know the Jem has an angled head. I have a neck from a Jem that I need a body for. I don't want to go through the hassle of making a template from scratch or buying one. So I plan on buying the guitar so I can make an accurate template for future use and turn the body into a Jem... the way I feel they should be. B)

The tremelo threw me off, cause I've never seen that style on an Ibanez. I've seen the basic strat style tremelos on the cheap Ibanez guitars, and of course the Edge tremelos, so I just wanted to know what this one was. I talked to some of my friends on the Ibanez forums, and they were no help without more info.

I personally can't stand tremelos and plan on filling in the cavity and slapping a Hipshot hardtail on it. Just wanted to know what it was and if it was original.

Thank you Alex.

And thank you LGM for that truly informative, yet almost sarcastic response. :D

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