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Jem 77 Fp Fabric


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I'm not an expert on this topic in any way but we could pull this off!

I'm not going to give up on it because there is a way to find out. There is a demand for it as well. Everyone here is very interested so collectively let’s work together on this!! So everyone put the feelers out for the following info;

First: if anyone knows the origin of the fabric i.e. was it made in the us or Japan etc. Also the origin or art form. Most of this Black Floral pattern stuff has an origin i.e. tropical, colonial, or traditional. Any info could help. Take a photo copy of the Jem fp and show it to any of the granny’s that work in the field of fabric. There will be a floral gooroo out there somewhere. We just need to run into the right person.

Second: most fabric has an artist name attached to something of that quality if anyone has that info or even heard of a name. I'm sure Steve himself would know where he or his mom purchased the original stuff. So a friend of a friend etc. might know. Anyone at the Namm show could ask him if possible!

Thirdly: Don't stick to just that color. The pattern may have come in another color and if we have that we have the missing links to make it work.

Fourthly: Then when all else fails any photos of the drapery material is it's original form. We want this because, in limited amounts it could be duplicated using an air brush and fabric dye's and of course the right artist.

Like I said before someone knows something and any info will help. Keep this link alive!!!



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Just got a reply from;

(Mr.) Allison Pendleton


Mr. Allison is convinced that the artwork on the Jem is not that of William Morris. Mr. Allison is a renowned expert on William Morris art and textures so we are back to square one for those who are interested. I feel that as soon as we know the artist we will be able to have a good representation of the artwork and pattern.



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