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Birch Body

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I searched on here and google and couldn't find tonewood characteristics about birch. I know ibanez has used it with alder before and was wondering what kind of tone birch produces. Any thoughts?

-Jamie :D

PS: sorry i put this in the wrong forum! could a mod please move it?

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I made a Jackson Kelly body and a Flying V out of solid birch just for s**t's and giggles. Both were very heavy and I don't recomend it for electric guitars. To me, the tone was dead. Maybe it could be used for a Bass with better results.

Birch is hard and it dulls your bits rather quickly. I have cut many different woods and I personally believe that the birch was the hardest on my tools.

Now with that said, i have also used spalted birch (1/2" thick) for tops and it looked very nice. I used spalted birch glued onto mahogany and it sounded great and looked good also.

That is my experience with birch.


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