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Can You Say, Sweet?

Curtis P

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OK, gotta call from my neighbour (where i got my body wood and table saw) and he said his dad was moving, and couldnt take his big tools with him, if he could store them at his house, no room, so he called me up, knowing i am into wood working, and asked if i would like a long term loan (till middle of summer) on a 13inch planer, 6 inch jointer and a lathe, i said yep, so he said he will bring them by in the next couple of days, all in perfect working order, and the good news is, since he aint got no money to pay me, he said just use em however you please

so... with the extra wood i got, i am making:

2 more body blanks


volume/tone knobs on the lathe

small table with turned legs

ohh yea, i love neighbours!!!


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haha, Derek, its way to cold to work outside right now, :D

its bad enough working in the shop, the heater dont heat up a 60x35 shop that quick lol


P.S. before i came in, i just cut up my basswood on my table saw, 1 and 3/4 inch thick, enough to put on a maple top, I am thinking.... Les Paul,

tommorow (supposed to get warmer) i should be cutting my other basswood, thinking another V


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