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Strat Trem Pivot Screw Placement Mistake

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There is a link to this screw up photo below .

I don't know what I was thinking , I plugged the holes for these 6 pivot screws and moved them back so the centerline is 25 5/16 inches from the board side of the nut 1 13/16 " from the end of the 21 fret end of the fingerboard which is ther end of the neck pocket . I moved then back from info I got from warmoth telling me this is the correct distance and since I made this body years ago and just made a new neck for it and I did not want to have to trim the pick guard to clear the trem , somehow I ended up not checking and there is now a 3/16" gap between the edge of the trem and the pickguard instead of no gap where trimming would be needed . Now I am afraid I will not be able to intonate the high E . My other strats that I built all vary as for as intonation goes even though they all use the same string gauge and action , but this one seems like I may need a 1/16 to make it work . So since I already plugged holes once and redrilled I can't do this again so now all I can think of is routing out the area where the 6 pivot screws go and drop in a fitted plug to cover all the new holes and plugged holes and make it almost as deep as to reach the spring cavity .

The body will be painted so a wooden filler section filler won't show .

Any suggestions ?

I test fit and drilled all the other holes today and oncew I dropped the pickguard into place I saw this . I have been concentrating on building the neck and never checked this until now .

Don't you just love it when you have to redo something like this , first time for me not to double check things . Now I'm kicking mysef all around the garage . It may tune and intonate but I won't know for certain until I finish the nut and string it up . But I have my doubts . Things just don't go this easy .

I already converted the body back from a left hand trem to a right hand and now this .


and a full view of the body , I used brass bridge saddles so I could get a high action and did not want to shim the neck pocket or route it deeper . The stock saddles are stamped metal and just don't have the amount of adjustment as the machined brass .


William The forgetful measurer

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Do you use big strings and high action? On my strat, I've actually run out of room on my low E and G strings. I use 11's, with high action. This will probably be ok, depending on your string gauge.

I also added an intonatable wrap-around bridge to an LP Jr. copy, and I ended putting the bridge about 1/8" too far back, but again, I use 11's and have high action, so it wasn't a problem.

I would try it and see.

By the way, if you want higher action, couldn't you back out on the trem screws and shim the back of the bridge?

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I use .013 to .060 roundwound and have the action at 7/64" low E at the 12th fret bewteen the bottom of the string and the top of the fret and 5/64 " on the high E . This does present a little problem with the low E , I had to cut part of the saddle spring away to go back far enough on tther three strats I made and the high E there was just enough screw to get it right . So going by the others with the same action I may only have trouble with the high E being to flat past the 12th fret .

I still have to mount the tuners and the fit and mount the nut , then I can string it up and see .

You know this day is not going well at all , right after I posted this instead of removing the neck I decided to hang the guitar on a hook stuck in the ceiling right above my computer . I had a much heavier guitar hanging by this very hook for years , well as soon as I hung it there and gave a bit of a slight tug the hook snapped clean off and the guitar fell a foot and hit the corner of the monitor and put a nice dent right in the bottom rounded edge . being alder which is soft I was able to steam it out .

It sure sounded like it fell 100 feet to me .

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