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Ok, I Give Up!


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i've determined that one of the three caps in my mallory type fp can cap is bad..i have spent literally two hours on the net trying to find a replacement and can't. i remember when i brought this up a couple of weeks ago some of you said that you just substituted chasis mount caps. so here's the deal..

this is a 40,40,40mfd 500v can. i've found several 50,50mfd 500v but none with three. i'm assuming that it's better to replace all three as opposed to just adding one to replace the bad one. so what's the most practical way of replacing these rascals?

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thanks guys..actually they're inside the can so i don't know if they're axial or not but i just ordered three individual axials from mouser and will just mount them to the chasis..so you can now let this thread die with dignity and grace. :D

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hey there man you can actually get some small radials from rubicon quite cheap and drop them in your can already. :D cheers.

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