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Headstock Shapes For Evh Musicman Body

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Merry xmas all!

I'm planning my next build at the moment. So far I've built a frankenstrat (01) and a Solo-ist shaped thing (02) and I want my next one to be different again.

I quite like the shape of the Peavey Wolfgang/axis, but I'm not wanting to build a copy of the whole guitar if you see what i mean - I'd go out and buy one if I wanted a wolfgang!

So.. I'm getting the body and neck from Warmoth because I frankly don't have the skills or tools to fashion them myself (and I know warmoth stuff is great, that's what I used on my 02/Soloist thing) which gives me a choice of headstocks to go on it.

I would like to get something original, so the whole guitar is one-of-a-kind (sorta), and can't be mistaken for a shop-bought piece (ha!). I was thinking a Kramer-style banana headstock would look pretty sweet? What do you all think?

(oh for the record, current plan is to have the Wolfgang-shaped body with a single Bill Lawrence XL-500 (yes?) in the bridge, OFR, single volume pot, painted white with all chrome hardware... :D and of course a big-ass 03 behind the trem).

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Kizmet, baby. Before I got all the way through your post, I was thinking a banana headstock would make for an interesting mix on that one. I think that would look pretty cool. It would be a kind of neat marriage of two different eras of the Freddie VanHalen guitar.

BTW- Have you any experience with the Lawrence XL-500? Some folks I trust who know me & my playing pretty well are swearing this would be "the" pickup for me. I play pretty much wide open through a Carvin X-100-B full stack. I am, to date, a DiMarzio Super Distortion kind of guy although I have had a couple of successful runs with a Dimarzio X2N, a Steve's Special and a Mighty MiteMotherbucker. Any wise words in that arena?

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Hmmm! I'll try and mock up what it'd look like with a banana headstock - I was thinking about the whole double-EVH-tribute bit and it would be interesting to see how many people "got it" when looking at the guitar!

I've not had any experience with the Lawrence, but I've never heard a single bad word about Bill Lawrence's pickups. I've got a Kent Armstrong Motherbucker in my 01 guitar, it's nice - pretty versatile but a bit 'cold' so I'm either gonna go with the XL500 (if I can get one in decent time) or a Seymour Duncan standard humbucker (PAF? 59? not sure). I play really hot through an ENGL Screamer 50 combo so high output is pretty important, but I'm not a death metal shredder, so tone can't be sacrificed for volume if you see what I mean. I've got an EMG 81 in my 02 and it's absolutely fantastic. But I'd like to have something new in this guitar.

Anyway enough rambling - thanks for your input!

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I didn't think that it will work but that banana headstock looks just at home on that body, especialy with the rounded bouts of the upper body. I like it!

The idea of the volume up there don't apeal me. Since I removed the pup switch on my LP from there because when heavy strumming I tended to hit the darn thing. I think that having the volume on the stock location but recessing it will be a better idea.

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I like the desing, the neck shape looks great but I preffer the slightly bigger banana headstock(first pic.) over the more rounded one (second pic).


but this is just total taste and you should choose one wich suits you best! B)

the volume knob might be in the way if you wan't to do tapping!

strangly enough te switch on my les paul gets in the way when I wanna do tapping while standing and it can be pretty enoying!!

(a wolfy copy with banana headstock just screams "tap me!" :D )

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Oh hell you'd better believe there's going to be tapping!

The only other option would be to drop the volume down to where the first "tone" control would be if it were a strat - I'm always knocking the vol on my soloist-shaped guitar to the extent that I've had to put a rubber washer between the knob and the guitar body so it's physically harder to turn.

So I'm keen on getting that little blighter well out of the way of my trem abuse!

Good call on the headstock shapes too, ikke! I didn't realise there were so many variations...

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