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Strat Bridge Saddles

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I can't use the stock saddles because I need a bit more string height and I'm not going to add shims . I got a bridge off ebay said to be a mighty mite but they are cheap cast saddles and the height adjustment screws are all drilled crooked so it is junk . I have a set of brass saddles but they are a bit narrower and shift from side to side . I don't want the graphite ones either . I went all over the internet searching and all I could find that may work are stew mac's replacement saddles for a hardtail that are the correct width but they can't tell me what they are made of . cast may be ok if they are well cast and not soft metal . I would like stainless steel without inserts but none seem to fit a standard vintage trem 6 screw .

Anyone know where to look ?

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hipshot just seels the entire hardtail , I just need the saddles for a tremolo I already have , I ordered the stew mac chrome saddles , if they are cast or junk I can return them . The brass ones I have will raise my strings over 1/2 " above the body , this is where I have them set now to get the 7/32 " high action between the low E and the 12th fret top that I want without shimming the neck . If the saddles I had were a bit wider for a 2 3/16 spacing instead of 2 1/8 spacing all would be fine . They fit they just slide against eachother when I bend and don't return on the string center . Since they are brass if all else fails , maybe I could solder a brass shim to the side of each saddle just to take up the in between gap like 1/32 each saddle .

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