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Thru-neck Help


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when laminating necks i think first of stability and then of looks, the first neck i laminated was simply 3 pieces of mahogany, so it looks like it's a single mahogany piece, I wanted to make a bass with a mahogany/purpleheart/ mahgany, but right now my plan is to make a 7 string guitar neck consisting of mahogany, purpleheart, mahogany, purpleheart, mahogany, with rosewood railers a lá Bc Rich :D

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If you're building a bass, I'd highly recommend ebony laminates in the neck, they really add a lot of sustain. Not for the center lam (it would be stupid to add it then rout out a channel for the truss rod!), but place them either side of center and you can forget about needing carbon rods. If you're patient you can find long enough ebony on eBay (try Pine Creek Woods or Cook Woods-email them if you don't see what you need).

Ebony is expensive and rare in bass lengths (need at least 40 inches); wenge is IMO the next best, cheaper alternative. Purpleheart is also good (but you gotta like purple...).

I always like wide flamed maple for the outermost lams.

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i was thinking bubinga for the middle laminate, cos its reasonably priced last time i checked anyway, the plan i have in my head and an paper somwhere is a thru-neck bass with mahogany or walnut wings and a 5 peice laminate neck. i like the idea of the ebony as the other stripes, although i dont like the cost :D, forget about carbon rods?? that sounds a bit like trouble. i might think more about it when the money presents itself but thanks fellas


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