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Set Neck Techniques


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hey all, hope your holidays went/are going well. Mine was too d@mn short. But I was curious as to how people are doing set necks. I know of the gibson method, mortise and tenon, dovetail. But am curious if anyone else is doing somehting different. Do you need a dovetail? or can u just make a neck and glue it in? Share your ideas if u feel like it. Thanks. You guys make this site awesome.

Chris :D

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Gibson don't use a dovetail, as far as I know no big manufacturers do, though I have seen some pics of dovetails used by high quality boutique/indie builders. They use it in a different orientation from normal, so that the joint is straight sided, but tapered in cross-section.

Gibson, and most other builders of set neck instruments use a joint which looks a lot like this, though the exact dimensions vary significantly:


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I knew what the gibson join was, mortise and tenon. I was just saying i had seen the dovetail too. But yeah, I like Wes' Idea. Thats what i was curious about most. I just thought that there had to be a catch to it, but i suppose maximizing the gluing area helps. Im just going to make the neck joint by putting the neck on top of the body, and 2 plexi pieces on either side of the neck, clamp em, and use the plexi as my template. now all i gotta do is find some nice plexi i can give a 1 or 2 degree angle


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i make a bolt on type heel and pocket...only difference is i make the heel taller and the pocket deeper than a bolt on....for extra glueing surface



i don't have a great pic of the heel...but i think you can get the idea

could I have a better picture of that fretboard? What kind of wood is it?

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Wes has style. I love ur finger boards. The one u were working on last, ( i think it was u) with the birds eye boards and bocote binding is sweet. so If I want to angle my neck, should I andgle the neck itself or should I andgle the pocket? I want to build a bass, and im not sure if it needs an angle. Thanks. :D

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should I andgle the neck itself or should I andgle the pocket?

most people angle the pocket...but you can do it either way

lol nice shoes.....  What top wood is that? mahogany?

not my shoes...my feet are size 12...that is a cute little 27 year old girl i have known since she was 14...she had the good camera so she took the pics.

even her little feet are cute as hell :D

the top wood is a piece of crotch mahogany...i don't know what variety,but i think it is not red enough to be honduran,and not light enough to be genuine mahogany...i am guessing brazillian

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