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Chnaging a Pickguard

Squier Strat

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It's pretty easy to do if you have a nice clean work space, first remove the strings of course, then take out the screws that are holding the original pickguard onto the body off.

You will see 2 screws that stick up and both ends of the switch and also a screw at each end of the pickups on top, those hold the stuff on so don't remove them till you can lift the guard off the body.

Then it is just a matter of pulling the remaining 8 screws off, (watch out for the springs between the pickups and guard they will fall off) and moving the new guard into position and screwing the pickups and switch on to it. The springs go between the guard and pickup and the screws go through them.

Before you get started you might want to measure the height of the pickups where they are sticking up out of the old guard first so you can adjust them the same height on the new guard.

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