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Intentional Bad Finish

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I lost some stregth in my left thumb due to a mini-stroke. I found that my left hand would slide away from applied pressure to splayed-attack on the lower strings and realized it was time to figure a way to get more friction going on the neck side of my frettin hand. I got a good deal of orange-peel on the 12-string neck but it disappeared after about 4 weeks. "CURING" I think they call it. I recleared my WASP bass and rubbed the crud out of it after about 5 minutes. Nice, crusty laquear to hang my thumb on for about 2 weeks. Short of deck paint or that stupid sandpaper tape, how can I get a rough, non-abrasive spot on the back of the necks I play alot? Looks/appearance aint no prob.

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