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swirl wolfgang

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so here's my delima,

i have a wolfgang special. i love it, everything but the plain ivory paint. i thought about candy striping, but then settled on a natural oil finish. then an epiphany, RED, WHITE and BLACK swirl!! :D i think it would be awsome, but i would like to know if it is a faux-pah (did i spell that right). i know the swirls are a steve vai thing, but i want a swirl EVH guitar.

maybe i'm sick, but it sounds cool B)

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whoa, herc fede can swirl the heck out of a guitar can't he. :o

i am really psyched about the wolf swirl. i like the transparent swirls, that is so bizzare. i might do a veneer and a trans swirl. B)

oh no, the bug is back. my wife is going to love this one. :D

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except the first batch of UVMC's which was done by some dude in japan

I believe it was the other way around.

Darren did the swirl originally (like the UV on the cover of P&W, which is a prototype, not a production model), and then when it came to mass (ive!) production, they took the swirling over to Japan. There is a HUGE difference between Darren's swirls, and the Japanese.

The Japanese are totally lifeless, with somewhat "mushy" colors, but Darren's are bright and vivid.

If you ever come across an original UVMC, that's how you know if it's an ATD, or a Japanese "knock-off".


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yes darren did do the prototype

the first batch of production MCs were done by the dude in japan, about 60

according to darren

because ibanez japan wanted to try doing it themselves to save on costs

but when steve finally saw one he was quoted as saying something like

"What the **** is that?!?" LOL B)

because it looked nothing like the prototype

so then ibanez switched to Darren who did the rest

Darren's definitely do look way cooler

but still not my favourite colour scheme for a swirl :D

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Vai disapproved of the MKR swirls (Mustard Ketchup Relish - what they've come to be known as). He said no way, so they went back to ATD.

As far as swirling your Wolfy, or anything else for that matter, I say go for it! I think ATD originally did swirls for Fender?

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Aside from Darren being a very good friend of mine, there's one other big reason why I'd get a swirl from him instead of the other guy:

A few years ago, 1999 I believe, there was a submarine for sale on FleaBay. This was not a little rinky-dink, 2 person, Sharper Image-type thing. This was the real deal: 200'+ old-school Russian submarine. During a conversation I had with Darren that week, he said, "Oh man! I've got to get this sub! I WANT TO SWIRL IT!".

Any guy who can swirl a sub, can swirl anything of mine. :-)

P.S.- Yes- he's swirlled boobs before...back when he was younger. LOL

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no really, that's what i was intending...wolfgang...borax...boobs. see the corrilation? :D

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man that would take a big tub of water! :D (for the sub;the boobs would be easy,but a heck of alot more satisfying)

how hard could it be, a f*cking sub lives in the water LOL, dump some paint on the water, swirl it around, and let the sub come up LMAO!!!!

ok, so it'd be harder than that, but still LOL!!!!!

hmmm, we could swirl dolphins that way :S

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now theres a great idea!go to the lake on a calm day and put your paint in,dunk your body,then instead of clearing away the paint you just move the body away from it.there's plenty of room ,it's a lake!

then you might get some swirled fish and water skiers as a side effect.

just think if that sub a couple of years ago had come up in a paint boat instead of a fishing boat.then it would have been swirled.

go to the ocean,put your paint on the surface and hang a slab of meat over it.what do you get?swirled sharks!i think you're onto something lgm. B):D

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