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How To Remove Binding On Gibson Solid Body?

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Newbie here so be kind. I have a Gibson USA1 that I am trying to

refinish, never done any refinishing before. If your not familiar the

USA1 it is a Strat style body, with a Explorer style neck (split

diamond inlay, and ebony fingerboard). I am stripping the lacquer

using Peel Away and that is working very well. On my 2nd coat now, and

it should be done on the next pass. The problem is the banding. I may

remove the banding from the body of the guitar by doing a round over.

But there is banding all the way around the neck and on the head which

I don't think I will be able to route out. The big problem is that the

stripper seems to be slowly dissolving the banding. It's really messy

right now, sticks to everything. If I let it sit will it solidify

enough for me to route the body? I'm not sure how to resolve this

problem on the neck. Any suggestions? I have read some posts that

talk about heating it to loosen the glue and then trying to remove it

with an exacto. My guess is that I will need to replace the banding on

the neck. Also, will I need to remove the frets before I do this?



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