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How Do You Submit Work For Guitar Of The Month?

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I am about to finish up a one of a kind guitar and would like everyone to check it out. i was also wondering if you have to submit anything for guitar of the month?


Main site is www.angelfire.com/la3/powerguitar/index.html

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Nice design!

To submit your guitar, im pretty sure you just need to PM Brian: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showuser=2

btw, you might want to watch the spikes there near the nut... they look like they could hurt if your playing on the first fret :D

edit: never mind, i didnt see the construction pics... looks like its all good B)

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There's nothing to the GOTM. Just go to the section and post 4 pics and talk about the construction techniques of the guitar. That's it. You'll have to downsize your pics tho, there is a limit to pic sizes here.

Man, that thing looks like it's the guitar-spawn from the creature in the Alien movie, I love it!!!!!

Who's the artist who came up with those concepts? I forget his name now, I used to have this very large picture book by him.


E.G. Vigier...something?...

Something....I just can't remember his name.

I bet you got your influences from one of his pieces, it's got his look all over it.

Extra props to you for using Buckeye, it fits PERFECTLY on that guitar from an artistic point of view. :DB)

And I think the way you used it on that piece is just -perfect-. I think the carves could have been a little more cleanly done, but I think this is just one of your first models, I'm sure you will improve with time, and your thoughts, ideas, and designs are -WAY- ahead of the curve.

By all means enter it!

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It's actually Buckeye burl. Its super soft wood and both easy and dufficult to work with. I use a dremel, sandpaper, basically anything I can grab to get the desired effect. I even used an exacto blade and various files too. The guitar plays very nicely, i just got done stringing it up and doing all the setup. It is also a one piece neck, headstock and body with the buckeye top and back, no glue joints other than the fretboard and the top and back. Pain in the ass to work that way but the end result is killer. And what's not fancy about this guitar?

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Very well done man! I Love that Buckeye burl realy work's with this guitar design

I realy like the end of the fretboard that realy add's to the design, I hade the same idea for one of my guitars, iam not sure witch one yet :D

Good work and welcome to the forum


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so... whats buckeye? never heard of it before, looks amazing!


Buckeye burl, when first cut, looks just like any other wood. But when you let it sit out in the sun, it starts to ehhh, 'dye' itself different colors. No 2 pieces look the same.

It ALSO spalts. Working with Buckeye is like working with a 100% spalted piece of wood most of the time, so you have to know how to work with spalted wood to understand how to treat it when working it. It can fall apart right in your hands depending on the piece and it's fragility.

It has no tone to speak of, because it's like working with Balsa wood.

Cool stuff tho, I really like it.

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A burl is also not really part of a normal tree, its almost like a tumor on the roots or branch. Like he just said, it is fragile and can fall apart in your hands, so if you want to work with it in the future, try practicing on a piece of scrap that you know you will not use, but not a big piece of scrap, its quite expensive. On the other end of the scale, be careful if building with bocote, its hard as hell, hard to sand and heavy. I built a bass out of it for a friend of mine and used a hammer and chisel to shape just about every part of the guitar once rough cut. Sounds pretty good though. I will have all the final pics of this "Giger" guitar once my clients brother puts on the custom paint job, might have some chrome paint here and there.

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okay, so, not unlike most everyone here, I absolutely love the designs on the body- made me think of... I can't say what the picture comes from but like a gothic Labirynth or an unholy cathedral or something.

Like a previous poster, I can't say I know much about Buckeye (and after reading through, couldn't honestly hope to try it anytime soon) but that is truly wicked!


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