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Fixing Bridge Post Holes

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I am working on my first guitar, so I already did couple of stupid mistakes (I'll put them on a thread soon). One of my mistakes was that the bridge post holes are not 3-1/4" as it should be (i'm using schaller bridge\tailpiece).

The deviation is just 0.5 mm (0.02 of an inch) but it is enough for this to not work.

What is the best way of fixing this?

I had two ideas:

1. Is to fill one of the holes and drill it again, this time using a jig that will give me a 3-1/4" spacing.

2. Sand the bridge or the post a little bit so it will fit.

My instincts tell me that i should go with the first one, what do you say?



Sorry about my english, it is not very good...

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