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Old School Rock Tone


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i have a 87 les paul studio, shes gave me a good run but it is time to put in some new pickups. the amp im running it threw is a mesa boogie markII 70's or 80s head{i got it use and they didnt know for sure...can any of you tell me who to send the serial # too to find out?} any ways she has 6l6;s on the el34's and 6l6's{one for lead on for clean} i keep the clean channel at a pretty high gain and the lead channel real light. so i basically the closest resembanlecn i find to my rig is a ted nugent style. i want to take her the next tep because the stock picups in her arnt given me exzactly what im lookin for. my sound is, now that i think of it, a lot like the darkness if any of you are darkness fans. i throw a eq pedal and a few distortion pedals in but im not that conserned with alot of gain i just want a powerfull oldschool rock tone with reall nice breakthrew lead tones. i was thinkin about the classic 57 gibson picups, or some gibson paf's...maybe paf's with a pearly gates/ or more agressiv pick up like that in the bridge. thanks abunch for any suggestions. the craig

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