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Carved Top Tele?

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this is a concept i was thinkin bout last night, a carved top tele, i was thinkin that u can pull of a carved top type thing with most "traditional" body types like the soloist, PRS, lespaul etc, (not really the pointy and kinda bad lookin giutars). back to my point is it do able? and would it be any good?



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Fender does have a carved top tele but I find the carve to be too shallow. It's barely noticable.

I'm doing a carved top tele style myself...er was doing it, it has been sitting for a long time unfinished.

Here's my carved top tele style project .

I need to take some side view pics to show how deep the carve is. PRS deep carve.

I still need to finish up the upper bout carve though.

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