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Water Based Finishes


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Hopefully LGM is around. He seems to be very knowlegably when it comes to finishing products. From what I understand one of the big problems w/waterbased laquers is that they did not burn into each other well (leaving poor clairity). They claim their new products do burn in now. Beyond that I am clueless. The water based stuff is really appealing to me for the safety reasons, being as I do not have a "professional" environment to spray in. Jeremy, any thoughts???


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while im here, the dude at mitre 10 sugested that i could brush solvent based laquer (estapol or somthing of the sort which is meant 4 brushing) if i heat the laquer in a water bath or somthing, and then use a fine bristle brush would this work, and would the results be as consistent on the faces as the cut-aways and sides?



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