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Nylon String Strat - Will All This Work?

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I'm planning out a new, somewhat unusual build and am not sure all this will work together. My training (back in the dark ages) was classical guitar. After a long period of not playing, I started up again, but with steel string electrics. I still find myself pulling out the classical pieces & playing them on my electric guitars. I find that I like the necks much better on the electrics - as well as the ability to adjust action & intonation - but want to also have something with nylon strings.

What I'm thinking of building is a solid body strat shape (already have the body), using a bolt on neck. I'd use a strat style hard-tail bridge, string thru & conventional tuners. I've had good luck in the past with the Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles, so I'm thinking of using these (understanding that magnetic pickups are useless). This way, I'd get the playability of an electric, but with nylon strings. Apparently, ball-end nylon strings are available.

Can anyone see problems here:

- Nylon strings not being compatible with the bridge or tuners?

- Mismatch between the piezo pickups & nylon??



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