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Do I Have Grounding Or Sheilding Problems


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I have this strat... the toggle switch broke... so i got a new one and hooked it in using a diagram i got on the internet. When i started playing it again it seemed to have a LOT more noise than it did before. Somethin i hooked up wrong due to grounding could be at fault because everytime i touch the bridge or the jack plate, or pretty much anything made of metal on the guitar the fuzz goes away. This guitar has absolutely no sheilding either because i recently got a new pickguard with none at all. Thanks


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it sounds to me like when you were installing the toggle the ground wire from your tailpiece broke loose. look for the wire comming out of the left side of the control cavity from the tailpiece and make sure it's soldered to ground.

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So, you're saying that your new pickguard has no shielding at all on it? If your old wiring scheme relied on the shielding on the back of the pickguard to ground the pot bodies and you new pickguard has no shielding at all, it could help contribute to the noise. For easy testing of whether the bridge is grounded, I use the continuity checker on my DMM. If I get a beep, then the bridge is grounded. If I don't, then the bridge isn't grounded. It may not necessarily indicate the quality of the ground connection, though. :D

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