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Music Man Bass Neck Question

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A customer brought me an old Music Man maple neck bass and wanted me to make it fretless. I am not going to do this to such a classy old bass. It has 4 keys on one side like a Fender. I was wondering if I could just get an aftermarket Fender fretless neck and mount it on the Musicman body. Anybody know if the neck pocket route is close enough to do this. Save me from making a new neck. Thanks.

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You know what Jesse James would say:

Tearing this one up just makes all the others worth more

If the customer wants you to convert the neck to fretless, what's the problem? Seriously, it's no more invasive than a fret job itself. Just take out the frets, put wood filler strips in the slots, sand, shape for radius, and you're done! It's completely reversible, too.

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