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Hi guys I read many painting tutorial and I canned translate many words of supplies I need as sanding sealer, lacquer, enamel ecc. but one I can't: Primer!!! I have to start my paint's work but I don't know what is primer and which to buy!!! Can you help me trying to describe its use? I don't have a gun so I must use cans. I don't think I can find poly urethane in cans. So what do you raccomend me? Acrylic, water or nitro based?


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You're looking for Appretto (or Primario, I'm not sure which one of those is Italian).

I'm using Calux paints --I picked up in the auto parts store here (France), you can probably find the same brand. They also have lots of colors and the varnish you'll need. And they also have cans of sealer (too bad I didn't know this before), you'll want that too...


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