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Vintage Trem->floyd Rose

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ok im just weighing my options here, im not sure what im planning on doing yet but im considering the possibility of converting my current project from the vintage that it was routed for at the factory into a floyd. ive never done this before...is it a very hard job, and is there much room for error? also, i dont have a real router, but i do have a dremel with a router base, could i use that?

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Visit the FR site. Templets and measurements abound. Its kinda mind boggling at first for the simple minded (like me). I haven't attempted one yet and if I did, I'd practice on a scrap chunk of wood first.

Don't know if the dremel would handle it. Quite a bit of routing. Others here will know more.

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a dremel will handle anything,for a while.it is just slower and the extreme use will cost it longevity if done often.

just take it easy and only rout about 1/8" of depth at a time.and use the 1/4" double flute router bit on the dremel...you can find it anywhere

as far as measurements...there are some pinned here


right above this topic

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