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Question About Pots, Swiches, And 1/4 In Jacks


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I've got a set of Q-tuners on the way... and i'm doing a complete overhaul of my telecaster.. from what i understand, these pickups are EXTREMELY transparent.. so i'd like to get hardware that isn't going to mess (add any sort of interference) with the signal path..

My questions are:

Is there a "best" brand of guitar pots?

3-5 way switches?

1/4 inch jacks?


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  • Lot's of folks prefer CTS or CGE pots - I haven't seen any evidence that they're electrically superior, but they may hold up better.
  • Switchcraft jacks are the de facto standard, although Neutrik has made some inroads.
  • With switches, it's anybody's guess - I've seen cheap import wafer switches that were sturdier than Fender switches.

Generally, any decent quality components will serve your purposes fine - besides, if everything in your signal path is transparent, where's the character going to come from? :D

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