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Krylon Base Coat Question


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i know some of you have had trouble with krylon but i needed something cheap. i am going to do a base coat of hunter green on my guitar and let my friend paint a picture over the green. here are my questions:

Do i need to seal the base coat before i give it to her to paint over?

What kind of paints does she need to use?

What can i use to clear over it all that wont give me a chemical reaction problem?

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I don't have any problem with Krylon for solid-color or "bubblegum" bodies. Don't seal before she gets it but don't let her use any non-enamel paint to add graphics. You really need to clear it with one of the water-based tops like KTM-9. They are not a lot of fun. You can use a MinWax poly as a clear but they go on heavy and always have a tint to them. Not crystal-clear but that may not bother you.

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