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Polyurethane Questions

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2 different types of crosslinkers, that smells like complete disaster brewing to me.

Just finish/buff out/gloss up the cat as much as you can, then take it to some pro finisher in your neighborhood, it should be quite simple and cheap for the right person to finish it up.

You can get it to ehhh, 'satiny' with standard equipment, but nowhere near a high gloss.

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yeah, just what i had thought, i guess i should look in the tutorials on how to do a translucent finish , i changed my mind ( because the natural mahogany look doesn't fit that guitar in my opinion) and wanted to paint it trans green.... pro finishers....i don't know, i don't think car painters here buff cars with stuff like that...but i'll ask, what else do you recommend me to do Drak? ( besides reading more on painting :D )

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