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Preventing Rust..

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hey guys,

I recently considered moving to Guam (it's in the pacific) but I remembered when I was younger, and when I went to visit, that everyone's equipment always gets rusted from the costant air conditioning to outside transitions, that's on guitars, amps, and everything. is there a way to completely prevent this? would simply wiping it off all the time stop it?


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I buy and rebuild industrial equipment for my main gig and have seen what an unheated building does to metallic surfaces. The corrostion begins when a cool item is exposed to a warm, more humid enviroment rapidly. The moisture condenses on the cool item and starts corrosion. Therefore, if you warm up the item to be exposed slowly to the new temperature, it will not condense. Going from warm to cool ain't a problem but consider throwing your axe, in its case, outside for an hour or two before splitting. Anything to reduce Delta T (temp. difference) before you take it out of the case. Too much info, as usual. Sorry.

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