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Electric Hand Planer


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yea hand held planer good for 3.25 inches.... not 12 or 13....

go buy a cheap planer on ebay or go to a pawn shop the pawn shop by me has a planer listed at 150bucks...

if you use it once or twice don't bother. if you are using it a ton, then get the delta two speed 13" planer I can get all strat type of guitar through it.

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I recently saw that Lowes had a Delta portable 12 1/2" planer advertised for sale. I know this would work fine to plane 7-8 inch planks before laminating two create two piece body blanks.

What I was wondering is can a planer also be use to joint the edges of these planks ? Does a planer have an edge guide that would keep the plank square so the planed/jointed edge would be straight ? And if so, what is the average height that a planer can be adjusted to ? Would a planer's table adjust low enough to run a 7" plank through it in order to square the edge of the board for laminating ?

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Yeah I know I could use a jointer, I just wondered if I could use one tool todo both jobs. You know how it is being on a limited tool allowance from the little lady don't ya !

I guess you could use the planer to joint 5" planks like you said to create three piec body blanks. I just did not know if the planer would actually square the board if you ran it through on edge like that or not.

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I wouldn't suggest using a planer to attempt edge jointing. It isn't stable and you run the risk of snipe.

Where I buy my wood, I buy it S3S. That way, I get a freshly jointed edge that many times is good enough for an edge to edge joint. If it isn't, I clean it up a bit with a hand plane and a shooting board.

Forgot to mention that I have one of those electric hand planes - a Craftsman. In my experience it isn't particularly suited for preparing a fine edge joint for gluing due to limited size of sole plate. When I changed my mind in mid construction on a guitar body once and decided I wanted a thinner overall body, I used it to hog off some surface wood to get it close to final thickness and then did final thicknessing with my hand planes. I think it works well for shaving down the bottom of a door to improve the fit, but not really for preparing edges for tight fits. Just MHO.

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