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I would like to inform me :D over the following questions

I am used to adjust the bridge saddles to the radius of the fingerboard with hardtails and trems. These things came to my mind and I would like to learn the propper settings

1. a compound radius - how do I radius the bridge, which one of the two radii, the bridge or the nut side?

2. tunomatics normally do have 12" radius . If a compound radius can be compensated, how much off-radius can a tunomatic compensate ? Up and down ? Modern guitars often have a 16" radius but I would also like to know the 10 and 7 1/4 " .....well the 10 for the tunomatic

thanks for clarification

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I usually use either 16 or 18" bridge radius on my compound radius guitars. There is an equation that you can use to get the exact radius (using the concept of a cone) but in practice, I have found that 16 to 18 works fine (for a fretboard ending in 16" radius).

Another rule of thumb I was given is that you can be off by about 2 inches in radius and you won't notice the difference (nut or bridge radius).

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