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Unfinished Guitar Necks

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one of my mates from work has a strat which is unfinished. It was originally lacquered but for some reason he stripped the lacquer off (i think it was for repairs) and left the neck unfinished. He coated it with some sort of oil. can't remember which oil though.

I've never seen the guitar myself but he says he's never had a problem. This is in n.ireland which is the country that invented rain! so if there's gonna be any problems i'd say they'd have shown up by now.

hope this helps

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I've got a shaped nack that's been hanging around and moved between rooms for almost 8 months now (I can only fit in building guitars very rarely - it really is going very slow indeed). Some times the windows open, sometimes it's closed, most of the time it's raining and I still haven't had any problems.......

........However, I know that I should have put something on it to protect it from moisture, but I think the wood fairy is keeping her eye on it as it is rather GORGEOUS :D

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