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Should I Clearcoat Then Add Graphic Or What

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I ran into a bind. I changed my design, I'm doing a bull's eye design with black stripes and a holoflash base color, i like the chrome illusion effect so i'm spraying chrome over the top of the holoflash and then clearing it . I know how to do the holoflash finish and the material finish, i just need to know if i should clear coat the holoflash and then add the graphics and then clear coat again or jsut wait until everything is on before cleacoating, I'm starting to stress out kinda, any advise would be appreciated. I'm also putting on a pic of zakk on the back and maybe on the headstock, please help. I'm desperate.

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Your neighbor was a very brave person if he was laying grafics like that... Not to sound harsh, since I got not that much experience under my belt, but on the videos and books that I have read, they always recomend clearing between each other diferent color, because if you mess up you can always colorsand that color away! If you don't clear, then you have to redo the whole theme all over. I had the pleasure of removing grafics out of a car painted in Cali by Pette Santini. I checked his books and HOK's and all recomend clearingbetween colors.

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